it is resolved

Instead of making a resolution that is to last all year, which I will have forgotten by March anyway, I decided to merely try and do something for two or three months. I am going to try and be more dedicated to riding my bicycle on the rollers to be better prepared for this year’s cycling season. I only rode them a few times last winter, and I was in much better shape than the year before, so I know that it will help me. (I have only ridden them one time so far his winter.)

The problem with the rollers is that the ride is very boring. One of the things that I enjoy the most about cycling is getting somewhere and seeing things. The other thing is that it is hard to really get in a tough climbing workout on rollers. Even though I modified my rollers to make them easier to stay on, hard efforts tend to send me and the bike off the front or back .To remedy this I’m going to make my own fork stand so that I can do some sprinting and climbing workouts. (You may be thinking, “Why don’t I just get a rear-wheel trainer?” Problem is, my feet are so big that they would hit the trainer where it attaches to the rear axle!) I’m excited about this little project, and this resolution. I’m off to get a ride in right now!

One last thing…check out this video of how Lance Armstrong is beginning to prepare for next season:

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