Don't I Look Happy?I have been thinking a lot about “happiness” lately. I am happy; at least I am happy with parts of my life. I doubt that there is anyone who is honestly, perfectly, completely content. Yet, and I assume much like most people, I want to be happier. I worry about big decisions that I have to make soon; will one decision lead to more happiness than the other? While thinking about this, I came across this article in Psychology Today, and it has caused me to reconsider some things. When I really look back, my overall happiness hasn’t been much affected by big events or decisions, at least in the long term.

What does seem to affect my happiness? I came across a new study that has helped me to think about that  a little better, too. Letting your mind drift during mindless tasks seems to make you unhappy, because (if you are anything like me) the wandering mind usually focuses on negative things – rehashing old events, worrying about future events, or thinking about other tasks that you should be doing. It seems that I just need to clear my mind and focus on the present. (Sounds new age-y doesn’t it?) An activity that helps you “clear your mind” may be an activity that actually requires quite a bit of concentration, such that you focus on the activity exclusively, thus making you happier. For me, when I’m out on my bicycle I feel very happy.

I should probably do that more.


  T wrote @

Happiness like all emotions is ephemeral. The world changes in the blink of an eye. No matter what you do the future will happen until one day it doesn’t but you won’t care. Happiness, sadness come and go with the moment you can’t plan for one or avoid the other. Approach life as an empty vessel and let it fill you up. Don’t have a scenario for your life.

  Brian C. Hill (@bchilll) wrote @

I loved riding until I did 8 AIDS rides. 🙂 S’ok, I’ll get my riding mojo back.

We should ride some time, if you don’t mind some company.

  @joshelgin wrote @

I’d definitely be up for a ride. I’ve been considering starting to ride to work in Palo Alto one day a week…maybe Saturdays or Sundays.

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